Dr. Amelia Oldfield

Music Therapist Accredited

Professor Amelia Oldfield, PhD, has worked as a music therapist with children and their families for over 37 years. She currently works as a clinician in Child Development and Child and Family Psychiatry, and lectures at Anglia Ruskin University where she set up the MA Music Therapy Training with a colleague in 1994.

She has completed four music therapy research investigations and been a consultant on two recent large music therapy randomized control research trials.  She has presented papers, and taught at Conferences and Universities all over the world. She has published seven books, some of which have been translated into Russian, Greek, Korean, Japanese and French. She has written many articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. She has produced six training videos two of which have won Royal Television Society Awards.

In July 2014, she was the first-ever recipient of the World Federation of Music Therapy Clinical Impact Award. In 2017 she carried out a music therapy follow up project interviewing ten families who received music therapy from her 16 years ago. This project has just been made into a documentary film which was shown at the Cambridge Film Festival in October 2017 and won the Silver Punt 2017 Audience Award for Best Documentary.


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