Annilee Baron, MTA NMT

Music Therapist Accredited
Neurologic Music Therapist
OMTA Director of Communications


         Annilee is an accredited music therapist residing in Hamilton, Ontario. She earned her Honours B.A. from McMaster University where she studied Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour, specializing in Music Cognition. She then graduated from Concordia University with a Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy, where she served as the music therapy graduate representative on the Creative Arts Therapies Student Graduate Association.

          During her undergrad, Annilee was active in the Music, Acoustics, Perception, and Learning (MAPLe) Lab as a research assistant, the McMaster women’s choir, and An Instrument for Every Child as a volunteer assistant guitar instructor. Especially interested in the emotional power of music, Annilee’s senior thesis investigated timbre’s role in emotion perception, building upon previous research.

          Annilee also served as the McMaster Music Cognition Society's co-president for two consecutive years, working collaboratively with other students to raise awareness for both music cognition and music therapy. In addition, Annilee has completed training in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT), a rehabilitative approach that links music cognition research with clinical music therapy applications.

         Presently, Annilee is the Lab Manager at McMaster University's MAPLE (Music, Acoustics, Perception, and Learning) Lab. Annilee is excited for her role with the OMTA, as she is passionate about promoting music therapy, continuing education, and interdisciplinary collaboration.


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