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Going to California

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018
Author: Annilee Baron, OMTA Director of Communications

Last month I had the opportunity to meet with Renee Dundas MT-BC MA, a board certified Music Therapist and retired Special Education Teacher working in Los Angeles, California. 
During our chat, Renee told me about her first internship experience in music therapy, which was in mental health at a psychiatric facility. Renee recalled the powerful ability that her music therapy sessions had in orienting persons to the present, while simultaneously providing a healthy, positive 'escape.' According to Renee, music was one of the few ways that the persons in this facility could be truly reached and engaged.

In addition to working in mental health settings, Renee has worked with children and adults with special needs, and in geriatric settings, for over 28 years. Renee's philosophical approach to music therapy is as follows:
"Music creates an environment which feels safe for emotional expression and it allows me to treat my clients with empathy, warmth, compassion and love through music. I listen and listen well without judgment, criticism or advise, all with the hope of providing a positive therapeutic experience and reduction of the stigma towards therapy sometimes experienced when seeking help from other therapies."
After decades of serving as a special education teacher, Renee is now shifting her focus solely to her music therapy private practice "Living Music" Music Therapy. Living Music's motto is: "Music Lives Within You - Let it Heal."  
It was a pleasure to meet Renee! Learn more about her inspiring music therapy work here