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Musician Jamila B.'s Message: Show Some Love

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2019

 As a recording artist, I use music to express the emotions and thoughts that I have inside of myself. Whether it is an emotion of happiness or sadness, there is something great about sharing it with other people.

          I recently created a song called “Show Some Love”. It is an upbeat pop and R&B song that is about self-care and not giving up on yourself. I remember while I was writing it, I wanted to make a song that would uplift peoples' spirits when they were feeling down for a day, depressed or even suicidal. I wanted this song to encourage anyone who hears it, and to remind them they are not alone and to reach out to somebody if they need help.

         I have experienced depression and it was such a dark place that I felt like I could not tell many people about. I was often the friend who was considered the “strong one,” so I felt I was not even allowed to feel this way. Since I could not articulate what was going on to them, I lost a few friends on the way which made things spiral downwards even more.

          At the peak of it, I stopped making music, I didn’t perform. I just kept to myself. I simply just gave up and also thought about giving up on my life. I really thought I could fix myself, but taking matters into my own hands only made it worse. This all happened during my time in university. It was becoming more apparent that I needed help as my performance in classes started to suffer.

          After having a breakdown in front of my teaching assistant, I decided to seek help through services on campus.

          During my time of healing, I started to make music again. I forgot how fun music could be when I let go of the pressures of trying to succeed at a high level with my career. I am still on a journey and still experience highs and lows, but I am learning to enjoy life more with my music.

          I hope that this song inspires someone and can provide a happy moment when they need it.

- Jamila B.

You can listen to “Show Some Love” by Jamila B. on YouTube at:

“Show Some Love” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and all other major digital streaming platforms.

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