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Music Therapy and Psychotherapy Connection: Resources for Professionals

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2017
Hi everyone, and welcome to the first OMTA blog post! 
We are so excited here at the OMTA to have launched this professional development initiative in hopes of bringing excellent quality workshops to music therapists and allied health-care professionals on an on-going basis. 


Our first workshop is coming up in September, and will take place in both Toronto on September 16th and in Hamilton on September 23rd. This workshop, The Psychotherapy of Music Therapy, will be facilitated by Sherry Campbell, Registered Social Worker and Rachael Finnerty, Registered Psychotherapist - Credentialed Music Therapist. 
This workshop is particularly relevant now in Ontario, as many music therapists are registering with the College of Registered Psychotherapists. Our first workshop will help music therapists and other health care professionals to become more informed about the act of psychotherapy, and how to implement both music therapy and psychotherapy informed tools.  
Today, in preparation for the workshops - we would like to leave you with some relevant resources and we look forward to seeing you there! 

1. "Bridging Music and Psychoanalytic Therapy" by Deborah Salmon

2. "Music Psychotherapy and Community Music Therapy: Questions and Considerations" by Alan Turry

3. "The Dynamics of Music Psychotherapy" by Kenneth E. Bruscia 

4. Carl Jung: " Music certainly has to do with the collective unconscious…"