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To Aspiring Music Therapists: Your Journey Begins Now

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2018
Author: Zachary Brown, High School Student

If you are an aspiring music therapist, then your journey begins now.
          The road to becoming a music therapist has to start before you graduate, get accepted, and even before you apply to your program. For me, my journey began this summer before I entered grade twelve when I discovered music therapy. I have played, and loved music all my life,starting with violin at the age of 3 and expanding to self-taught piano as well as other instruments. Music has continued to grow as one of my biggest passions. When I discovered that I could use my passion for music to help people, I was all in. Being able to positively influence the trajectory of someone’s life is a huge honour and another passion of mine. Being able to combine these two passions got me extremely interested in music therapy.

          As soon as I became interested in music therapy, I switched my mind set from being interested, to being an aspiring music therapist. Now I am doing everything possible to make it happen. I reached out to all my friends and family, searching for any connections to music therapy. It was difficult to find successful leads, but finally I found Rachael Finnerty the founder of OMTA.

          Rachael was a friend of my friend's mom which made it a very loose connection. I took it though, re-worked my schedule to arrange a meeting, and perused this connection to receive the most out of it as I could. We were able to meet and discuss life as a music therapist, and what it would take to get there. The discussion we had really opened my eyes to the world of music therapy. It is filled with networking, running businesses, self advertising, volunteering, commitment, passion, and sacrifice. It was a huge overload of information, and it should have been very overwhelming for me. I found that it had the opposite effect and actually really excited me! If that is the same for you--where the uncertainty as well as the need for drive, determination, and commitment doesn’t terrify you but gets your excited--then I would consider pursuing music therapy!

          There is no easy path that will be presented to you for becoming a music therapist. This doesn’t mean that you should enter this field of study blindly, not knowing what you are getting into, or without a plan. Quite the opposite! Now is the time to start creating your own path. Start fuelling your passion for music, and use it for the benefit of others by submerging yourself as much as possible into the amazing culture of music therapy!