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Tuning Your Mind: Interview with Music Therapist Rachael Finnerty

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2019
Tuning Your Mind was created by a group of McMaster University students called MAIE involved in a community-engaged project. The main goal of their blog was to provide up-to-date information and interesting posts about how music therapy is a beneficial alternative therapy, specifically for Dementia, Autism, Speech Disorders and Depression. Their posts have a significant emphasis on the neurological influences music therapy has in relation to the disorders listed above.

In 2016, the OMTA Director of Education was contacted by the students behind Tuning Your Mind to answer interview questions like: What types of neurological disorders do you find work well with music therapy? What do people not know about music therapy? and Do you have any experience or knowledge on the effects of music therapy on speech impediments, autism, dementia, depression specifically?

Read the full interview here to get Rachael's perspective and learn more about music therapy!