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Listening to your intuition: What is it telling you? A music therapist’s journey between two homes.

Apr 06, 2021

Written by Bernice Chu, MA, MTA, NMT-F  

A warm hello to YOU, a member of the Music Therapy Academy Community! Wherever you are reading this, I hope our paths cross in real life one day and that we can connect and advocate together for the use of creative arts in healthcare. Before I begin, I must-must-must say thank you and express immense gratitude for Annilee Baron who has done such a remarkable job as Director of Communications. I am so excited for her future endeavours and look forward to reading about her successes. I am inspired to share my story with you with the main aim of sparking conversation - so reach out, let’s chat!

This is my story.

I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions recently. How do we decide where we live? Who we love and live with? What will our occupation be? What hobbies bring out the best in us as individuals? What causes will we spend our lives passionately advocating for? Is there a particular experience or...

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Reflections from a Music Therapist and Emerging Teacher Candidate

Mar 31, 2021

Written by Annilee Baron, MTA, NMT 

I have been reflecting on the past three years that I’ve worked with the Music Therapy Academy as the Director of Communications. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to connect with like-minded, passionate music therapists, community members, and allied professionals through this position.

When Miya Adout from Miya Music Therapy was stepping down from her role with the Academy as DOC to serve as a Consultant, I was thrilled that I would have an opportunity to continue the work she had been doing. I have enjoyed being able to advocate for our profession in a variety of ways and have absolutely loved working with the MTAcademy’s founder Rachael Finnerty, who is an endlessly supportive colleague and friend.

I am excited to be passing along the Director of Communications role to Bernice Chu, in order to pursue a Bachelor of Education at Brock University to teach Primary/Junor, starting Fall 2021!...

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For Cause Not Applause

Apr 04, 2019

I was first introduced to music therapy in high school. As part of a grade 10 music project, we were asked to choose a career in music and write a report about it. My music teacher suggested I write about music therapy since I was interested in health sciences. I wrote the report and thought that music therapy was cool, but I still really wanted to be a doctor. Over time, I started revisiting music therapy as a potential career choice. After more research and soul searching, I decided music therapy was something I wished to pursue. I completed a co-op with Rachael Finnerty at the music therapy studio she owned at the time. It was through this that I first heard of the music therapy program at Acadia University, a small school in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I visited the university for an open house and fell in love with Wolfville and Acadia. I auditioned and was accepted into the music therapy program. I started in September of 2014.

My four years as a music therapy student were full of...

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