Daniel Allen, MTA, BMT, MMT

Music Therapist Accredited
Owner, Allen Music Therapy

Daniel Allen (MTA, BMT, MMT) is a certified music therapist and the owner of Allen Music Therapy, a music therapy practice based in Durham Region. He received his Bachelor in Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2014. He completed his CAMT internship at Zareinu Education Centre of Metropolitan Toronto and became certified to practice music therapy in Canada in 2015.

Daniel began Allen Music Therapy shortly after becoming certified, providing music therapy sessions and adapted music lessons in and around Waterloo Region for three years until relocating to Durham Region in 2018.

In addition to running his private practice, Daniel previously served as a music instructor at Queen Street Music School in Cambridge, ON. He primarily instructed beginner and intermediate level guitar lessons and also facilitated the school’s adapted lesson program. Working with such a high number of beginner students with different learning styles helped Daniel to analyze and dissect the mechanics behind successful guitar playing. Many of the ideas discussed in this workshop stemmed from discoveries that were generated through these lessons.

In September 2017, Daniel returned to WLU to complete the one year Master of Music Therapy program. He completed a major research project (MRP) that identified and outlined ways to expand functional guitar techniques for music therapists based on his own experiences as a clinician. Upon completion of his MRP, Daniel completed a four month internship at Grand Valley Correctional Institution for Women in Kitchener, ON. A significant portion of his clinical work involved instructing participants on basic guitar techniques within a primarily single-session model, which were then used and applied within a psychotherapeutic manner to creatively express, regulate, and build self-esteem.

Daniel has been involved in numerous guitar ensembles both in Waterloo Region, and in his childhood hometown of Lindsay, ON. He can be found performing at weddings and events during the summer months, occasionally alongside his mentor and former guitar instructor Marc Novoselec as part of the acoustic guitar duo “String Fever”. In 2017 he performed in Tim Brady’s “100 Very Good Reasons Why” composition for 100 electric guitars in Stratford, ON. Daniel other primary instrument is the trombone, and he has performed with the WLU Symphony Orchestra, WLU Wind Orchestra, Guelph Symphony Orchestra, and in multiple chamber brass ensembles.


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