Sanna Huda

My name is Divya Prasad and I recently graduated from the Arts and Science program at McMaster. This fall, I will be starting as aMSc student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program, where I will be studying risk factors of mental disorders in women who are pregnant or in the postpartum period. Last year, I completed a thesis under the supervision of Professor Finnerty. I investigated the impact of music therapy on the cognitive ability and mood of persons with dementia (PWD). This experience provided me with the opportunity to take on a lead researcher role in a project I was passionate about. I learned how to use a variety of quantitative and qualitative assessment tools and also prepared presentations and posters. Moreover, my thesis project presented the unique chance to work with PWD and build my interpersonal research skills. During my project, Professor Finnerty was an engaged and encouraging mentor. She provided me with detailed feedback on each deliverable and took great care in reviewing my submissions. Overall,completing my thesis was a fantastic experience

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