Maryam Othman

My name is Maryam Othman and I am a second year student within the Honours Biochemistry program at McMaster University. As an individual with a hearing disability, music alongside many sounds were not always accessible to me growing up. As time went on and my ability to hear became gradually restored with the help of my audiology team at SickKids Hospital, I found the world of music to be one that was soothing and fun yet at the same time — Foreign. Through my own curiosity, I researched how music could be used as a means of treatment and discovered that certain frequencies and tunes could actually encourage concentration, trigger memories, and assist therapeutically. This research subsequently introduced me to the Music Therapy AcademyI was immediately captivated by the areas of research of this initiative and reached to Professor Finnerty to get me started. Much of my involvement with the Academy will be reviewing existing research and reaching out to the community to gain a better understanding of the application of music therapy in environments associated with hard of hearing patients, particularly diagnostic settings. 


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