Miya Adout, MTA MA

Music Therapist Accredited
Founder of Miya Music Therapy
OMTA Consultant

Miya Adout is a practicing credentialed music therapist in Toronto, Ontario. Miya has partnered with over 30 facilities in the Greater Toronto Area to bring music therapy services to a variety of populations through her practice, Miya Music Therapy.

      Miya works primarily with older adults living with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.  In doing so, she has become a passionate advocate for this population and has been recognized by the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto for her yearly advocacy initiatives in the Walk for Memories event. Miya also provides music therapy services for adolescents with autism and adults with intellectual delay. She additionally enjoys facilitating a program which she has developed that focuses on parent/infant bonding through music making. ‚Äč

     Miya received her Bachelor of Arts from York University where she studied in the Culture and Expression program. This allowed her to engage in courses across many disciplines including world music, psychology, and social studies, contributing to her cultural competence and awareness as a clinician. She then graduated from Concordia University with a Graduate Certificate in Music Therapy and later with a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapies. In her graduate studies, Miya conducted research on integrating technology in music therapy sessions for older adults in long-term care who have physical impairments. She was awarded with a research grant from the Centre for Research in Social Gerontology at Concordia University. 

     With her additional interest in marketing and communications, Miya has contributed as social media content coordinator for the Canadian Association for Music Therapists (CAMT), public relations chair for the 2016 CAMT conference, and has been involved with similar initiatives for several companies including music schools and yoga studios. Miya enjoys combining her passion for music and health and business development through the OMTA. 


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