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Gift Offer! Finding Your Groove Facilitated by Aaron Lightstone (RP, MTA, NMT)

Discover a variety of new ways to refine, enhance and take your clinical guitar playing to the next level. Aaron will make the practical, musical and theoretical case for the guitar as an essential and quintessential instrument for facilitating music therapy experiences, and will guide you toward greater confidence and musicianship on the instrument. The concept of “groove-based” music therapy will be introduced, with practical movement and musical exercises, By the conclusion of this workshop, participants will feel that they have new tools, ideas and musical, guitar-based concepts in their “tool kit” to use in music therapy sessions almost immediately. Begin to “think like a guitar player” and come up with musical ideas that could only be conceived of by musicians familiar with the guitar.
Members will have access to this workshop for 30 days after the effective member start date. 

Workshop Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Play with compelling rhythms and expressive dynamics; being highly artistic at the level you are currently playing, inject a deeper sense of groove into your playing.

2. Introduction to how, why, and when to use electric guitar and related technology such as looping pedals into your music therapy sessions.

3. Create meaningful strum accompaniments (that are not always repetitive patterns). These techniques will be approached via use of some well-known songs, as well as via free improvisation.

4. Understand and make use of the guitar fret-board’s unique geography to create music that is inherently and idiomatically “guitaristic”. This will lead to new ideas for free improvisation and to more authentic and recognizable guitar playing in popular music forms such as the blues.

Worth 3 continuing education credits. Course breakdown: Video (2 hours) and PDF documents for experiential learning (1 hour)

Facilitated by Aaron Lightstone, RP, MTA, NMT

Aaron Lightstone, MMT, RP, MTA, NMT is the founder and director of Music Therapy Toronto, a clinical practice which specializes in the rehabilitation of neurologic injury and disease. He is an award-winning music therapist, musician, composer, educator and researcher. Aaron holds a Master of Music Therapy and a Bachelor of Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University where he is occasionally enlisted as part-time faculty member (in the faculty of music and the faculty of graduate studies).

He has been performing on oud, guitar, and related instruments in performances and recordings for over 2 decades. He is best known as the founder and bandleader of the world music group JAFFA ROAD which has been recognized with a Canadian Folk Music Award and two JUNO award nominations.

Aaron has always had a strong interest in the music of different cultures. This interest has lead to study and performance experience in Sephardic and Arabic music, classical guitar, jazz, classical Indian music, and blues. In the late 1990s Aaron spent a year living on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia where he conducted original Ethnomusicology research on the island’s unique, Indigenous folk music. His Master’s research focused on the therapeutic value of creating original rap and Hip Hop in Toronto’s homeless shelters.