Olivia Medari

Hello! My name is Olivia Medari. I am currently in my third year at McMaster University, majoring in life sciences. I recently got involved in music therapy research through a course called Music 2mt3, also known as Introduction to Music Therapy. It was here that my interest in music therapy was born and I joined the MTAcadamy mentorship program. Due to COVID-19, the process was delayed. In an effort to jumpstart my learning, I decided to approach professor Finnerty, and thankfully, she was thrilled to have a conversation with me. My interest in Music Therapy stemmed from my zeal for music. I play 5 instruments which are piano, guitar, trumpet, drums, and a bit of the clarinet. I always thought of music to give satisfaction and relaxation to one’s soul, but never knew of the therapeutic effects and potential physical treatments in a medical setting. This ignited curiosity and inspired me to take that next step in trying to understand the link between music and health. Thanks to the MTAcademy Mentorship program via McMaster university, I am helping to research this interesting phenomenon.


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