The Music Therapy Academy has supervised research on the following topics. Click a topic to see the research that has been conducted.

Music Activities during COVID-19
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Mental Health
Pain Perception

Music Activities during COVID-19

Oral Poster presentation for the 2020 NeuroMusic Conference, hosted at McMaster University: Undergraduates Choose to Participate in Music Activities During COVID-19

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Efficacy of Improvisational Music Therapy as a Treatment Method for Children Ages 3-14 with Autism Spectrum Disorder


LITERATURE REVIEW: The Impact of Music Therapy on the Cognitive, Behavioural, and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
THESIS: The Impact of Music Therapy on the Cognitive State and Mood of Persons with Dementia
POSTER: A Randomized Controlled Feasibility Study of Music Therapy for Person with Dementia

Mental Health

The Use of Music Therapy to Improve Mental Health in Forensic Patients: A Review of Controlled Studies
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Community Music Therapy as a Tool for Mental Wellbeing of At-Risk Youth: A Meta-Analysis
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Exploring the Role of Music Therapy to Address Anxiety in Various Populations

Rachael Finnerty RP, MTA, MMT, MA
Music Therapy Academy Director of Education

"Music Therapy as an Intervention for Pain Perception" (2006)
Master of Music Therapy Research


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