Rhythm-Kinetics© is a regimented music-based treatment approach, developed by Dr. Dorita Berger, specific to Parkinson's Disease(PD) symptoms (also applicable to Autism, Stroke, brain injuries, and other diagnoses) employing focused rhythm and movement exercises relying on auditory-motor coupling and brain plasticity.

Rhythm-Kinetics© addresses four major areas of physiologic PD function: (a) sensorimotor coordination, particularly auditory-visual-proprioceptive-vestibular through whole-body movements ; (b) rhythmic breath and vocal control using Recorder and Kazoo; (c) motor planning and quick responsivity to cues for bi-lateral upper-lower body integration enhancing body dynamics; (d) cognitive function areas of pre-planning, sequential memory, multi-tasking, think-do action, among others. Several response areas subsumed within this approach include reduction of anxiety and depression, socialization, mindfulness awareness, sharing, and general quality of life. Participants will be provided with their own Kazoo, take home tools & resources, a certificate of completion and a light dinner.


Workshop participants will review their understanding of sensory systems, brain plasticity, and fundamentals of Parkinson's Disease, and will actively participate in activities directly related to areas of PD function. Comfortable clothing and shoes advised. No special music skills required.  

Learning Objectives
Participants of this workshop will:
1. Gain knowledge about brain plasticity
2.Review the 7 special sensory systems 
3. Review four basic elements of Rhythm  
4. Understand Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and functions impacted  
5. Explore, participate, improvise, and learn how to develop rhythm/movement activities and sound cues (even if not musical) to induce “quick response,” motor-planning, sequential memory and recall, breath and vocal acuity, etc. and similarly focused activities addressing various PD function areas 

* Includes a light dinner of gourmet sandwiches, soup, and salads
* Cash bar available.


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