Sanna Huda

Since the beginning of my undergraduate career, I have found a passion for researching available treatment options for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). My first experience with this research was through writing a literature review on current research in cognitive behavioural interventions that address verbal impairment in children with ASD (the paper can be found here: Throughout these years, I have developed an interest in mental health; and with my involvement in various music therapy courses and volunteering experiences, I wanted to explore music therapy and its effect on a similar population. This led me to start my research with Professor Finnerty on the literature available before December, 2018 on the efficacy of IMT on children ages 3-14 diagnosed with ASD. I am now starting a qualitative and quantitative study on the Effects of Verbal and Music Wellness Interventions on Stress Reduction in University Students, and I am extremely excited to learn more about this and see where this research takes me next!


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