Stephanie An


Stephanie An is a clarinet, guitar, and ukulele teacher based in the GTA for all ages. She completed her Honours Bachelor of Music from McMaster University with a Minor in Mental health, Addiction, and Society, as well as a Diploma in Music Performance with a focus on clarinet in April 2020. She served as the concertmaster of the university’s band in her final two years of her undergrad alongside an amazing group of musicians.  She is currently a graduate student at McMaster University where she studies Clinical Behavioural Sciences, under the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neuroscience. 

Stephanie shares her passion and love for music inside and outside of her studio, as she believes that music has the ability to express both emotions and thoughts when words can’t. Outside of her academics and music, Stephanie loves to ice skate, embroider and bake! As an aspiring music therapist, she hopes to further her knowledge and education, as she believes music has the ability to help aid one’s quality of life. 


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