Stephanie An

Stephanie An is a classically trained clarinettist currently enrolled at McMaster University; she is a fourth year student undertaking her Honours Music with a Minor in Mental Health and Drug Addiction. Throughout her undergrad career Stephanie has been a member of the McMaster Concert Band, McMaster Music Cognition society, and McMaster Music Society. In addition to clarinet Stephanie plays guitar and ukulele.
Outside of her full-time student commitments Stephanie engages in a number of activities. Stephanie teaches students of all ages in her private studio and plays at numerous events. Stephanie is also completing an independent research study at McMaster University. Her research currently explores the links between mental health and the field of performing arts, specifically with musicians. As an aspiring music therapist she hopes to further this research as she believes music can be a key factor in improving one’s quality of life.

Additionally, Stephanie contributed an important piece to our blog on the pioneering efforts of women who were crucial in building and shaping the music therapy profession. Read her work here:

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