Suzanne is a certified and driven Leadership Coach with a firm grasp on the human condition. She is known for creating action, structure and accountability and giving the never ending support and belief that everyone needs and deserves. Suzanne calls out what you are avoiding or stuck in. She does this in a way that is natural and elevated level of understanding.   Her clients are inspired by her ability and care that help move them forward. Every single conversation with Suzanne is a game changer. 

Her background in non-profit, wellness coaching, leadership development with over 20 years of entrepreneurship offers her clients her real world experience. Suzanne owns LIVE IT, a leadership development company that takes on a new approach to leadership. She has developed a method that serves as the undercurrent of all her work and creates a clear framework for her clients to go to. She immediately helps you create new thoughts, new behaviours and a new impact; creating happiness, fulfillment and productivity in your whole life.

Suzanne works both in workplaces as a Coach for many organizations as well as holding a private practice. Suzanne teaches workshops, runs retreats, delivers keynote addresses and in addition to this she works one to one or in small groups cultivating people to be their best selves…and then to be even more.



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