Teresa Nocita-Cirillo

Vocal Coach
Author of The Vocal Compass™
Owner & Director of Studio E Music and Arts

Teresa Nocita-Cirillo has been coaching developing vocal artists as a Vocal coach in Canada and the United States
since the 1990s. She has over thirty years of vocal training including at Boston’s Berklee College of Music
and is a vocal artist in her own right as well as an accomplished musician.  Since developing a revolutionary “yoga for the voice technique“  and stamping it in a book called The Vocal Compass™, she has been in demand  throughout the music, voice and vocal health industry.   Teresa is the owner & director of Studio E Music and Arts, a creative environment arts school with over 500 students and employs 25 individuals. 

She also developed a program for children called DiscoverE music that provides preschool music lessons for children from 0-7 years of age. Teresa was recently the recipient of a 40 under 40 award in her region and her book has been a bestseller at Canadian Music Week,  as well as other platforms that she has spoken at across Canada and the USA.  Her knowledge of the voice has landed her a position on PCG Universal’s artist development team out of Nashville, Tennessee where she trains “up and coming” artists.  Teresa has recently been appointed the Creative and Vocal Director for the international show The Shot!


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